The POW Team at West Bay


Natural Energy

POW is based in the UK on the Dorset coast.  Having worked in the drinks industry for over 15 years, Powerful Water Co. Founder and avid surfer Ed Woolner saw an opportunity in the market to develop a natural product that didn't contain the high sugar and caffeine levels of traditional energy drinks.

"I wanted a drink that was refreshing, tasted great, used natural ingredients and gave me an energy lift.  Our Mission at the Powerful Water Co. is to develop drinks that offer the consumer a natural, better for you choice."





100 % Recycled


Reducing our impact on the environment is something that is important to us and we are always looking at ways to continually improve our product and packaging.

From November 2015 our bottles and labels became 100% recyclable.  To help encourage responsible disposal we have added a bold message to the side of every bottle - This Bottle is 100% recyclable, Make a positive Difference.

Durdle Door

Key Milestones

06 14 | The Powerful Water Company is created

08 14 | First POW samples were created and trialled in Dorset

09 14 | First of many friend feedback sessions

02 15 | The #POWTOTHEPEOPLE concept is founded

06 15 | POW is manufactured