This Summer POW will be on the road with the Butta crew who are in the business of making ecofriendly snow, surf and skate waxes.  We caught up with Butta Director,  Jim Stewart during some downtime in between trips

Tell us about the Butta brand - how did it all start and how did you develop your products?

The journey started way back when when we were “seasoning” out in Val D’sere. We started our mission to create a ECO Snow wax that worked just like any other Hi-Flouro product that was on the market, and in 2011 we incorporated, and BUTTA was born! Ever since we’ve been going from strength to strength, expanding our product and recipe range, and pushing the brand into different sectors such as surf and skate. Its been an epic journey so far, and we get to travel the world, following the brand where it wants to go! We get to all the big comps now too, so its epic to be able to look after some of the world top athletes with our product, whether thats an Air and Style out in Europe and LA, or here at some of the UK surf comps. 

Is it harder to produce greener waxes?

Its not so much that its harder to produce greener waxes, the hard part is getting the message out there to the world. These other waxes contain some crazy products that are not only damaging to your body when using them, but damaging to the environment such as our beautiful mountains and the ocean and its wildlife.

It can also be difficult sourcing ingredients. We keep all our trade on this within the UK to keep our carbon footprint down as much as possible. But when it comes to this, we need the UK’s bees to be working hard and keeping us in stock!!

How did the Butta bus come about?  

The bus I guess came from our love of VWs, we’ve always had split screen vans for taking us to events, yet as the company grew, and so did our staff and PRO team, we needed something more adequate for taking us on the road. Its great having such a great bus. We have 6 bunk beds, a roof top terrace and an awesome showroom/living room. Its allows us to get on the road and get great video content with the team which is the most important thing, and then to have bands play gigs on the roof is an awesome bonus!

Whats your favourite customisation in the bus?

I dont think we could pick one thing, but our skateboard staircase to the roof top is pretty special! But one of the amazing things we have found with the bus is the acoustics inside. The bus is built totally from reclaimed timber from sources such as pallets and old roofing joists. This was important to us, to follow the greener approach we do in business with the wax, into the bus. We always have jam sessions with some of the bands at the festivals, and the sound inside is incredible, and its the reason we started our acoustic session “Live from the Butta bus”. We released one with the Sunet Sons and their new song Remember 

How do people find out where you’re heading to this Summer and beyond?

The best thing to do is get on our website butta.co.uk and follow the #busvibes link, or check out the FB page!